Dreadlocks is a hairstyle created by a repetation of twists which turn into knotted twists. I see many people everyday, who wear dreadlocks as a hairstyle, but to rastafari , it is not just a hairsyle. Rastafarians wear dreadlocks because they feel it is a natural process. They say that they will keep their body as it is, as in not shave or cut their hair(all areas on the body). This process is combined with the belief of the body is a ‘temple’ and taking care of your health e.g eating healthy. Many rastas do not have dreads. You do not need to have dreads to be a rasta. It is said to “have divine conception of the heart” not hair.

The first time the dreadlock hairstyle was seen was ancient Egypt, where dreadlocks appeared on Egyptian artifacts. Rastafarias picked up on the dreadlock style from Indian Sadhu’s(Indian holy men) who connected with Jamaicans and the African influence on Rastas wearing of dreadlocks came from the Kenyan revolutionaries(mau mau)who wore dreadlocks as a sign of resistance(battle/blockage) against European colonial culture demands on Africans.

<Kenyan Mau mau









aaf9545ed4a7c92582f58d40b44c513a <Ancient Eygptians

Sadhu Indians:

^^^Vedic deity Shiva (hindu)in 2500 BCE was one of the roots of dreads. Western and Eastern traditions believe if the hair is knotted, the spiritual energy remains in the hair also in the body which keeps a person more strong and healthy. The Western tradition (classical India) developed dreadlocks for body strength and supernatural, mental and spiritual powers.

Back in slavery, Indian and holy men were seen in Caribbean islands like Jamaica. Which is when rastafari followed the tradition of growing dreads but having a powerful meaning to it. Reading through (http://www.dreadlocks.org/the-history-of-dreadlocks/) has given me some popular names involving them having dreadlocks. Mike Bordin -who is in a band called ‘Faith no more’. He has very large dreads, very unusual and not common. Most people do medium or small dreads and in my opinion,meduim looks the best.

Some people wear dreadlocks as a symbol of their religon (rastafari) or some people wear it for fashion. Relating to fashion, most people (not just rastafari) followed the style of Bob Marley. Marley was a popular music artist and was seen as inspiration for most.

A fashion style similar to dreadlocks and is very common these days, Faux fur Locks which is extensions platted on the real hair:

ScreenShot2014-12-26at94614PM_zps4f72e334 Ciara-dreadlocksScreenshot_2014-07-07-11-47-41-1

Me with braids and twist extentions inspired by dreadlocks:

BRAIDS…20150728_192853000_iOS 20150728_201240000_iOS 20150728_201329000_iOS 20150728_201340000_iOS 1 20150728_201340000_iOS 20150728_201345000_iOS 20150728_201352000_iOS 20150728_201353000_iOS 20150728_201357000_iOS 1 20150728_201358000_iOS 20150728_201400000_iOS 1 20150728_201400000_iOS 20150728_201414000_iOS

TWISTS…20151222_125424777_iOS 20151222_125433182_iOS 20151222_125437384_iOS 1 20151228_102723493_iOS 20160114_124120565_iOS 20160119_143627000_iOS 20160119_182216000_iOS 20151213_151840425_iOS 20151216_154524192_iOS 20151224_093626070_iOS 20151225_125544000_iOS 20151228_102300000_iOS 20160113_140908000_iOS

I personally like when my extentions get a lil messy because it looks more natural just like rastafarians do with their hair-keep it natural and let it grow.

Images of dreadlocked Rastafarians!#:



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