The colonisation of Africa

The colonisation was motivated in the late 19th century by the European hunger for african resources. Europeans took many Africans as slaves and people in africa were divided and sent into exile.


Most of africa was colonised by the early 20th century, expect countries Ethiopia and Liberia,which is a reason why Rastafari call Ethiopia “zion”.

Many articles have their opinions on why Ethiopia wasnt colonised, for example , because it was a poor country, it was a country full of christians and religion, it is a warrior nation/strong,  and some people say that is was colonised but people say it wasnt colonised it was just a five year occupation by Italians…


Babylon: A Rasta term for the police, the corrupt system,unwanted people and society’s . “they reject modern western society, calling it “Babylon“, which they see as entirely corrupt due to materialism and greed.[6][12][23] “Babylon” is considered to have been in rebellion against “Earth’s Rightful Ruler” (Jah) ever since the days of the Biblical king Nimrod.”


Zion is a name Rastafarians use,it refered to their homeland (Shashemane in Ethiopia)/God’s homeland,city of god,spiritual land,place of unity freedom and peace,or ‘gods promised land’ and heaven on earth.

Rastas believe they are the children of Israel (in modern times) and have a dream of all rastaman to repatriate to Ethiopia, Zion.

“It proclaims Zion, as reference to Ethiopia, the original birthplace of humankind, and from the beginning of the movement calls to repatriation to Zion, the Promised Land and Heaven on Earth”

A lot of reggae music is related to the land Zion. For example ‘”Let’s Go To Zion” by Winston Francis.

The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion is the most important church in Ethiopia. The church has been destroyed but rebuilt and made larger many times.  The church is for the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. It is an important church because it is believed to have been build around the 4th century AD during the reign of Ezana(the first Christian emperor of Ethiopia) and also the church is known to have the Ark of the Covenant which is a special chest containing “two pieces of special stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments when Moses ascended Mount Sinai as recorded in the Book of Exodus.” The Ark also contained Aaron’s rod(Moses brother), and a jar of manna(type of food).

The Ark is kept in a guarded small building next to the church, called The Chapel of the Table.

Rastafarian reparation

Slavery was abolished in Jamaica on August 1 1834. Rastas believe in reparation for slavery. The movement believes that European countries were once involved in the slave trade, especially Britain. Rastafarians gave an estimate of how much should be paid for about 500,000 of them to resettle in Africa.

“It’s a matter of human rights and justice for a crime that was committed 300 years ago and whose repercussions are still being felt today,” said Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah, a member of the group.

“Although the government is unlikely to do so, members of the Jamaican parliament have called for a debate on the reparations issue. ” The Rastafarian members have plans which they have not given up on. As their homeland is Ethiopia , they plan to take planes and cruise ships to help with hospitals, farm equipment and satellites.

“I say fly away home to Zion, fly away home…One bright morning when my work is over, man will fly away home…” 

Rastaman Chant , The Wailers


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