9/10/15: Quinton & Chadwick

20151009_130701603_iOSQuinton & Chadwick/Q&C (Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick) own a knitwear label. As the presentation started, I automatically loved their logo. It is not too simple but very clear, neat and creative. The & symbol is the initials of Jane and Jess’s last name. I saw this and thought it was a great start to the presentation and knew the label would be something amazing. Also I think having this special feature in their logo, gives them a good signature for them and their label.

The label has been on going for 15 years with British-only manufactures BUT worn worldwide. Quinton & Chadwick are know for the use of colour, quirky and long lasting products. Their garments are sold in high end/luxury brand stores. Such as Fenwicks, H.Nicks, Libertys, Fortnum & Mason. Products also sold and presented in museums (V&A, YMC) and independent boutiques.

20151009_132123640_iOSQ&C have decided to use British manufactures only because they feel that the label should have its own heritage which other countries love. For example their best selling country is Japan. This is because Japanese buyers love the British heritage and it is not manufactured in any other country other than Britain. The wool they use in their products, are from Australia(best place to get wool) and is produced with no harm to sheep.

20151009_132542583_iOSOne of my favourite parts of the talk was when the timeine of Q&C was shown, and what they do to suceed.

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Q&C studio:

20151009_134125047_iOS 20151009_134135326_iOS 20151009_134137627_iOS


20151009_134052866_iOS 20151009_134059837_iOS


20151009_135337241_iOS 20151009_135937693_iOS 20151009_135836848_iOS 20151009_135820049_iOS 20151009_135735869_iOS 20151009_135535839_iOS



20151009_131706467_iOS20151009_131835601_iOS 20151009_131921798_iOS





Oct 8

Celebrate tomorrow with ‘s gorgeous !

Embedded image permalinkQuinton & Chadwick work with British High end markets, such as Slow Market LDN. Slow Market is a market every Sunday from 10AM to 3PM. Which creates the traditional marketplace shopping experience and celebrates good, clean and fair produce from local growers and artisans.  The market features over 30 different Slow Food and Living merchant carefully selected for their exceptional quality.The Slow Food & Living Market provides an experience for friends neighbors and guests from out of London. It is a place for the community to recognise and enjoy traditional, vibrant marketplace culture. Quinton & Chadwick were featured in @SlowMarketLDN’s tweet advertising their day at slow market.

Q&C have different trade shows-Menswear and Womenswear, twice a year. And only one season of their collection(100 styles a season). This is because it is wool products such as scarfs and gloves for winter. The label is based as a wholesale, which means they have a label..but no shop. All products are sold in boutiques,high end pop-up shows etc. Their selling season starts from August to December which is a busy time for them as it is Christmas and most cold/chilly season. This also meaning they do not get to meet their customers or fans even. BUT social media is very important to them because it is A way they get to meet and interact with their customers and also add promotion from the designers themselves.

20151009_134157489_iOS 20151009_134253481_iOS 20151009_140038173_iOS20151009_140106415_iOS

This talk was an amazing start to my third year. It inspired me and had me wanting to buy a scarf from the collection! There are many things that I loved about this presentation. One is that the designer herself was very humble and knew about her brand/spoke from the heart. I have seen many designers/artists talk about their brand and have no clue how to answer certain questions or how to explain their brand to the audience. Another reason I loved this was because I had gathered and learned a lot. I learned that for a designer to get their products sold in shops, they have to go to a trade fair/trade exhibition/trade shows. Trade shows are organised so that companies in a specific industry can showcase their latest products and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Some trade shows are open to the public and some are for label owners only and sometimes members of press.The tradeshows are very important to Q&C because that is their time and day to suceed in terms of buyers and promotion. Also I agreed with “As a brand,its best to keep the same logo/font/signiture etc. Doing this will say a lot about a label because it shows that the designers havent changed their mind about a first designed logo(from the start of the brand), and it shows they love what they design/decide on. My final part I enjoyed today was the feedback and advice. Collabs are not easy,UKFE-A great company to collab with if freelance, London design fest,and lastly A question asked at the end was “Advice on starting your own label”- Dont design things you do not like, enjoy what you do, Get  much help/info and learn a lot, do not rush, visit museums events,fashion scout/fashion east etc.

A good finish to the end, where the inspiration moodboards were shown for Q&C,celebrity press photos and the Liberty christmas who love promoting Q&C and proud to promote British designers.

20151009_140251299_iOS 20151009_140301015_iOS 20151009_140306593_iOS 20151009_140420205_iOS 20151009_140515081_iOS 20151009_140532199_iOS







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