Astrid Andersen

Andersen completed a MA in menswear from the prestigious Royal College of Art, where she finished in 2010, and a BA from Teko in Denmark. Whilst studying at the Royal College of Art, Anderson won the Brioni Creativity and Innovation Award and the River Island MA Student Bursary Award for designing 3 looks for the high street retailer. She was also nominated in VOGUE Talent 2010 as well as being a finalist in ITS NINE.

Her graduate collection received humongous support which started her own label off with a good start. One of the customer based artist Andersen wanted was ASAP Rocky, which she has successfully achieved and he is now seen wearing her garments. She has always wanted that street attitude in her designs that is new, provocative and fun meanwhile being luxurious. Combining an American inspired athletic atmosphere and street wear with fur,bold colours and her signature logo.

Andersen’s first independent show was held in Copenhagen receiving praises in Denmark and internationally. The show was based on a gym session, including models with high standard bodies,6 packs and muscles, wearing the designers cropped mesh sports jerseys and neon puffer jackets.

Astrid Andersen was involved in the Kopenhagen Fur show which launched Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2013. Her collection showed fur, including a purple mink coat in bomber jacket style with fox fur sleeves in purple,natural brown and gold. The theme of the show was very obvious in Andersens designs, the collection was sporty and classy to match the theme: Real men wear fur!

Astrid Andersen says:

  • “I´m very much into guys that want to hang out in a group. Whether it’s at the gym, or basketball court, or if it’s just down the street, I always love when you can see a bunch of guys and, you know, they found a similar aesthetic. I find that really interesting”
  •  “It might be a bit difficult for me and my aesthetic. When you look at the rest of fashion week here, for menswear at least, it’s very classical. So it’s never really been my intention to be a “Danish” brand. I work between Copenhagen and London”
  • “Each season I feel pressure to deliver, but I think it’s mostly just from my own personal ambition’s point of view. It’s only human to want other people to like what you do, but it also gets easier with experience to distance your persona from your work”
  • “I don’t know so much about the sociological terms, but from my point of view it’s just about men dressing to feel and look sexy. They have done this in the past through suits, and now, above all, it’s more about attitude. It’s just time for men – there’s been so much focus on women’s fashion and how to define female sexiness, it’s only natural the boys want the same attention now.”

Astrid is one of my favorite designers, she has achieved many things in the fashion industry which is what id like to do. Not only that, she is one of the best menswear designers from Fashion East too! Her creativity has inspired me so much throughout my 3rd year, she has given me the light to wanting to design menswear forever.



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