Bobo Ashanti

I found this interesting video of a interview with an Bobo Shanti. He said useful information and I love his vibe and personality. I also liked the interviewers questions,I feel this will help me with my FMP.

Another video I had found was a short clip of Sabbath day service in St.lucia. What caught my eye with this video was that it is related to my heritage,St Lucia. Once I watched this video I was drawn into the singing /chanting and preaching. I think these kind of videos are inspiring personal and educational to me. I love that even the kids are singing along in the bakground if you listen carefully!

What interests me about this group is their robes. I have always wondered if rastas have a specific garment they wear, and I am glad that I found this group and their style. For my FMP I will like to base my target market on Bobo Ashanti rastas. They are very different and I strive to let my collection aim towards this customer market.


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