Mansions of Rastafari

“Mansions of Rastafari” is a term for different groups of the ‘Rastafari movement’.

These groups are: African Unity, Covenant Rastafari, Messianic Dreads, and the Selassian Church. And most common ones like the Bobo Ashanti, the Niyabinghi, the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Many Rastafarians are strongly commited to these groups but some are not apart of. The difference between all three is that Bobo Ashanti is based on preisty and churchical. They have a lot of rules and a set style of covering hair and body and sometimes carry brooms. They believe performing original principles by ancient ancestors, which explains the practice of Sabbath(Shabat). the Twelve Tribes of Israel is based on 12 biblical tribes of the ancient Hebrews and is more of a society group for example doctors,teachers etc. And lastly Niyabinghi which is the oldest group/mansion of them all. Niyabinghi is another strict mansion as they preach ideas and theories of Emperor Haile Selassie I. They also believe that a man should not date a woman outside of the rastafarian religon.





Bobo Ashanti

This group protests that black people should reunite to Africa and that black people should be compensated for slavery. ‘Bobo’ meaning black and ‘Ashanti’ meaning a tribe from Ghana of which many of the slaves that were taken from Africa to Jamaica were members. Bobo Ashanti was formed by Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards in Jamaica,1958. Prince Emmanuel is part of the holy trinity alongside Haile Selassie of Ethiopia-God (Jah), Marcus Garvey is prophet, and Emmanuel is priest.

Some known people who are apart of Bobo Ashanti are: The Abyssinians, Anthony B, Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Fantan Mojah, Jah Mason, Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah, Ras Shiloh, Pressure, and Junior Reid.

Bobo Ashanti members seperate themselves from society and other rastafarian orders/groups. They are mostly located in Bull Bay,Jamaica.

Members sometimes greet eachother by saying “Blessed Love My Lord and Empress” and they dress very different from other Rastafarians. Wearing long robes and very tightly wrapped turbans and are also known as “Bobo dreads”.Women cover their legs, arms, and head in practice of the Queen Omega principles and are approched as mothers of creation. All the men are seen as preist or prophets and their job is to reason,guide religous and lawgiving services,respectively.

One of the Bobo Ashanti beliefs is the period of Sabbath. Sabbath is a day for God, the seventh day og the week and Saturday. These days are for praying and resting (no work) especially women.

Smoking weed in public is not aloud in this group because it is a form of worship for members only. Members also avoid salt and oil.

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Twelve Tribes of Israel

This group/tribe was founded by Vernon Carrington in 1968,Kingston Jamaica. He was known as “Prophet Gad”(priest), he taught his students to read the Bible ‘a chapter a day’. Rastafari do not use the name jesus,they prefer to use the ancient names of The Messiah (Ha Mashiyahch) which is Yahshuwah, Yahoshua or Yahshua.

Haile Selassie is seen as almighty king in the ancest of Kings David and Solomon.

‘The Twelve Tribes symbology is based on Yahqob’s (Jacob) 12 sons, and correspond to the months of the ancient Ysraylite (Israelite) calendar, beginning with April and Reuben’

People reffer to the Twelve Tribes as a fundamental group. The famous artist Bob Marley was apart of the Tribe of Joseph, the eleventh of the biblical Ysrayl’s (Israel’s). Another famous artist/group in part of this mansion is Israel Vibration(Reggae harmony group from Kingston,Jamaica).

The Twelve Tribe preaches love towards all people and is anti-racist.

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The Nyahbinghi group is another strict one out of these groups. They are also known to be the oldest group of the mansion. They believe that Jah has all power and rights to destroy so they act towards ‘love to all human beings’ and do not proceed to violence.

Nyahbinghi Rastas chant for celebrations and prayers. They chant on a steady beat using three types of drums, with the inspiration of ska, rocksteady and reggae music.

Nyahbinghi Rastaman Chant:

More chants found on:

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