Toile Design development: CPC

Toile process:

20151028_115545004_iOS 20151028_115558182_iOS 20151028_115610945_iOS 20151028_115620951_iOS


20151028_121202514_iOS 20151028_121217055_iOS 20151027_084452000_iOS 1  20151027_084358000_iOS 1 20151027_084307000_iOS  20151027_084218000_iOS 20151027_084141000_iOS 1


20151028_182834986_iOS 20151028_182854113_iOS 20151028_182938344_iOS 20151028_183043113_iOS 20151028_184306485_iOS

Ideas in calico…

20151116_150338826_iOS 20151116_150335757_iOS 20151116_150636750_iOS 20151116_150732734_iOS 20151118_114658040_iOS 20151118_114742465_iOS 20151118_120943956_iOS

As you can see I have added a piece before the armhole. I have done this because of a technical difficulty, and have made it into an extra design.

I added was the ‘H’ on the sleeves. I thought of this idea during toile development and glad I did. I feel that my toile was too boring/simple for the project at first ,but this feature made my toile better: First I traced the sleeve block and added the ‘H’ on the bottom. I then numbered all the blocks and traced them separately. Once I traced them , I added a seam allowance to all. I made number 4 a pocket feature :

20160519_134427535_iOS 1 20160519_134427535_iOS 20160519_134739081_iOS 1 20160519_134739081_iOS 20160519_135015165_iOS 1 20160519_135015165_iOS

Final toile:

20160520_164410996_iOS 20160520_164418534_iOS 20160520_164433809_iOS< ‘H’ for Haile Selassie

20160520_164451085_iOS< Pocket within the H,

20160520_164505779_iOS 20160520_164533294_iOS 20160520_164554091_iOS 20160520_164607765_iOS 20160520_164703160_iOS 20160520_164733310_iOS 20160520_164737546_iOS 20160520_164849819_iOS

Opened back and front-No finishing just hemmed.

I am very proud with my final toile. Although I had many difficulties during the toile developement for example started from scratch: I traced a shirt mens block on calico then put it on the stand and added pleats. When I added pleats, it took off the arm hole which I didn’t think about when adding pleats, so I have to add an extra piece. Having difficulties and fixing/accomplishing my final toile is an amazing feeling. I did not believe I could do it alone, but I did.

Final toile in real garment fabric:

20160520_174441383_iOS 20160528_150419370_iOS 20160528_150432342_iOS 20160528_150458523_iOS 20160528_150538455_iOS 20160528_150544158_iOS 20160528_150551828_iOS 20160528_150555964_iOS 20160528_150609371_iOS 20160528_150617909_iOS 20160528_150627181_iOS

I have designed the garment with no buttons because it is meant to be seen and worm as a cardigan or overall.


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