Liam Hodges

Liam is a menswear designer from Kent. He studied at RCA before he joined fashion east and presented his ss14 collection. Liams line consists of graphics, masculinity, detailing and oversized garments. He is inspired from aspects of hip hop, punk, guerrila militia and balls out folk. Liam designs for casual day wear with a luxury/masculine touch.

“Ultimately, I’m taking something quite normal and making it beautiful”.








Internship with Liam Hodges

Having the opportunity to work with Liam Hodges was a great experience. My internship started in November and was a AW16 contract. During my internship I had duties such as, Pattern cutting(making patterns from scratch), Cutting fabric pieces, Sewing up garments (such as hats,jumpers, jumpsuits), Post office duties(sending off purchases for the online site), Shop duties(buying fabrics,thread etc), Factory duties (going to collect manufactured garments from the factory also sending fabric and pattern pieces to get it made). Having the opportunity to do these duties gave me a idea of what id like to do next in terms of my career. This was my first internship and from doing these duties I had to think about if I would like to do another internship like this or choose something completely different. Hearing from other students were they had a fashion design internship were they had duties such as making tea,getting sent to the shop etc, I am grateful for the duties that I had because not only was I always busy, but I had fun doing it and I definitely enjoyed it.

During my internship I learnt a lot about the fashion industry and the hard work of having a clothing line. Liam had taught me many things that I was not aware about before. He showed me what it takes not only to have his own clothing line, but also to have organisation and focus on time, motivation and professionalism. Liam himself is a very kind humble individual and I have many thanks for working with such a great person. He also taught me certain things I was unsure about. For example during pattern cutting he would explain to me how to do it and show me what needs to be done or different ways to do it. Liam’s studio was in London College of Fashion, I worked during the week on Thursdays and Fridays 9am-5pm. I worked with 5 other interns and also Liam’s best friend who assisted us when Liam was busy or was not there. Working with other students was a great experience because I enjoy meeting people who have the same interests as me and people who I could potentially collab with in the future. Also working with other interns, I had a chance to make new friends and also learn more about fashion design because they would teach/share with me things I didn’t know or know how to proceed.



London Collections Men : Catwalk show


Coming up to AW16 London Collections Men, We had to work on getting all garments ready for the catwalk.


I also helped out with last-minute tasks such as sewing labels onto garments, checking patterns and garments where in the right order and folder, ticking off what has been done and what hasn’t. These tasks did not take long and I believe it helped me master my organisation skills and also useful practice for leadership skills. Working with the team at a busy time was hard but I was determined to get through it without making any mistakes. By achieving this I focused on my goal and didn’t panick or over think about it, I just did it. Achievements like these will help me during my last year in University and also after Uni, in the real world.

20160111_125120764_iOS 20160111_125119030_iOS

On the day of the show, it was very very calm which I didn’t expect at all! Arriving backstage early to help out sort outfits for models and last-minute tasks, I enjoyed the atmosphere. I realised that womenswear catwalk shows are way stressful and hectic.

We also had several rehearsals before the show, which was one of my favourite parts of the day. We sat in the audience and watched models rehearse:

20160111_131318772_iOS 20160111_131323041_iOS 20160111_131324842_iOS 20160111_131349923_iOS 20160111_135208317_iOS 20160111_142618811_iOS

When I first applied for this internship, I knew Liam was a very unique creative person, and his work proves it. Watching the rehearsal proved me right. I loved the concept of road rage/cars,driving and fast forward motions. The collection looked amazing on catwalk and at this point I was very impressed.




When it was time for the show, things got a little hectic ,but not too much. I helped dress models in time for them to walk. Watching the show backstage was a interesting moment for me. Being backstage made me realise that I was apart of something iv always wanted to do.

20160111_150338320_iOS 20160111_150413703_iOS 20160111_150520379_iOS 20160111_150616469_iOS 20160111_150706685_iOS 20160111_151713415_iOS

Here is one of the models that I dressed:

20160111_152551328_iOS 20160111_152601019_iOS

Dressing models was a amazing opportunity to have a quick conversation of how they feel about Liam’s collection and their modelling career. In result of this, I met some really good models and managed to tell them about my FMP concept which they were amazed by. I got their contact details as they insisted modelling for me for my FMP collection or in the future. Knowing models liked my concept and my personality/creativity gave me confidence and hope for my fashion career.


What I liked about be apart of this internship is that I met many people and collected loads of contacts who I could potentially work with in the future and also made new friendships.


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