I have always wanted to do a menswear streetwear collection. I like streetwear because it is casual and there are always different new trends and could even start your own. Streetwear is a category of wearing what you like how you like and when you like. It is a way of showing personality through the clothes on your body. My favorite menswear brands are Nike, Supreme,Adidas,Bape and more. I get streetwear inspiration from designers such as Astrid Anderson, Y’OH, Masahiko Maruyama,Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, Liam Hodges and Shaun Samson.

I watched an interview of a streetwear designer and music artist Chase, MCMXC$. I admire his creativity and reasons for doing streetwear. He said he likes to design clothes for women who like wearing their boyfriends clothes. Which is like me as I like wearing oversized and loose-fitting clothing. I love that Chase is part of the music industry and does his clothing line on the side too. Doing two things you love at once can be very hard and stressful, but I believe it’s all about the outcome and the hard work you put into it. Chase had mentioned that he would like to see celebs wearing his clothing line but he would rather normal everyday people to wear it. He believes that celebs wearing his clothes is given to them for free whereas normal customers would wear the clothing because they generally like it. I agree with this statement because it would be a negative and positive thing for a celeb to wear your line but it would be amazing for people to come to your store,online store or personally tell you that they love your designs and love wearing your clothing line. I have learned from what Chase has said in this interview and I am glad that I have watched this as he has inspired me in many ways.



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