shirt and drop crutch toile

20160119_133304680_iOS 20160205_130559912_iOS

For this toile I used the basic shirt block and stitched the cross lines while no sleeves or back piece were added. I then added sleeves and the collar stand with a halter neck.




Overall, this toile was the quickest and easiest as I did not have to change measurements and had a simple design. I am happy with how it came out and it looks like how I imagined it.

Drop crutch trousers

20160420_163016762_iOS 20160420_163044844_iOS

These trousers were a long process for me because at first I made them into a harem trousers design but decided that not the look I was going for, so I changed it. I made my patterns into a drop crutch design, dropping the crutch seam way lower than normal trousers.

Final outfit:

20160518_185709000_iOS 20160518_185741024_iOS 20160518_185814476_iOS 20160528_151035818_iOS 20160528_151100783_iOS 20160528_151111089_iOS 20160528_151132367_iOS 20160528_151202917_iOS


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