Shorts and jumper toile

20160212_142750400_iOS 20160212_142804542_iOS 20160212_142813714_iOS 20160212_142845598_iOS 20160212_143006296_iOS 20160212_143010765_iOS 20160212_143017069_iOS 20160215_162525644_iOS 20160215_162617815_iOS

For the shorts toile I decided to do a drop crutch to make it oversized and unique.


Final shorts:


Unfortunately, I used a fabric that was not suitable for my design(scuba). It did not turn out the way I expected it to. I also overlocked the fabric before I sewed it up so that may have effected the shape and structure of the garment.

Jumper toile

20160523_183158853_iOS 20160523_183208892_iOS

20160531_071742267_iOS 20160531_071829460_iOS 1 20160531_071842934_iOS

On this toile I decided to add extra length and elastic on the sleeves and waist. I also wrote were I wanted my embroidery letters to go.


Final outfit:

20160528_143137157_iOS 20160528_143242360_iOS 20160528_143259436_iOS 20160528_143558420_iOS 20160528_144013961_iOS 20160528_144037341_iOS 20160528_144100687_iOS 20160528_144112861_iOS 20160528_144632588_iOS 20160528_144649331_iOS 20160528_144742546_iOS 20160528_144806560_iOS 20160528_144812229_iOS 20160528_144827798_iOS


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