Trousers and t shirt toile

20160531_074027407_iOS 20160531_074032377_iOS 20160531_074040548_iOS 20160531_074051754_iOS 20160531_074056056_iOS

My trousers design had a repeated pattern of pockets. This was to present -wealth in the Rastafarian movement.

On the toile I put some pockets on the front and back and decided it looked good and didn’t change anything on the real fabric.

20160528_145457286_iOS 20160528_145500988_iOS 20160528_145508725_iOS

Mesh top:

20160531_073827460_iOS 1 20160528_145117588_iOS 20160528_145158001_iOS 20160528_145125492_iOS

Final outfit:

20160528_145430991_iOS 20160528_145534657_iOS 20160528_145604406_iOS 20160528_145617013_iOS


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