Rastamouse is a British animated children’s show,TV series.  Created by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza and produced by Three Stones Media/The Rastamouse Company for CBeebies. The show consists of Reggae music, Jamaican accent, Rastafarian sayings,stopping crime, and spreading love/peace and happiness. Rastamouse is the main character who wears a Rastafarian hat to hold his dreadlocks in place. His Rasta quotes/catchphrases are usually “make a bad ting good” and “Irie, man!”

Reggae Shark

Reggae shark is a animated shark who loves to sing about ‘Key of Awesome’ and telling a story/tail while singing. Written and sung by Mark Douglas, Animation by Kieran Michael O’Hare and the Reggae Shark speaking voice Todd Womack.




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