Notting hill carnival

Notting Hill Carnival is a cultural based street festival event were the community and people from around the world go to party and have fun. Carnival happens every year on August 24th and 25th,always on a sunday and bank holiday monday. At carnival there are dance groups in costumes-from young children/babies to adults, drum bands, musical bands, small food and retail stalls and entertainment till early afternoon to late evening.

From growing up with a caribean background, I have always been apart of the carnival vibe and music. I have attended the festive days and enjoyed my time dancing and eating caribean food. From a young age I have attended with famiy members to have fun and experience/educate myself a little about my culture.

At carnival there are some areas were you will find a group of Rastas dancing to reggae, dub reggae etc.

My photos from carnival 2015:

20150830_122558645_iOS 20150830_122954663_iOS 20150830_123025111_iOS

Here is a small clip from carnival:


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