Pirates of the Caribbean


Jhonny Depp

Jhonny Depp has been styled with multi textured extensions including braids, twists and faux locks. This multi textured idea is very interesting and creative, it shows the different techniques you can use with extensions. I also like the accessories planted into the hair.


As you can see,all characters had a messy hairstyle which reminded me of Rastas from the way they present their dreads, showing natural growth.

The characters and storyline is very similar to the Rastafarian movement. As for the storyline and location of the film which was in the carribean, and also the pirates and ships (relating to slavery). I noticed that this film is very logical and obvious that the producer knew what he wanted to make the viewers see and feel.

Viewing this film and relating it back to the Rastafarian movement gave me a wide range of inspiration and more opinions on Rastas, the fact that they are involved in something so historical and inspiration to many people in the world.

Dreadlocks is seen a lot in the film, which is what brought me to watching it while researching on Rastas. I love that the hair looks so natural as if it was real dreadlocks.  Davy Jones was the character that I was most interested in. His characters looks, in my mind, is similar to rastafarians. I think the animal used (octopus) is a GREAT symbolisation of a RASTA. Looking closely at this character gave me some inspiration, even looking at the head shape, which looks like a rastafarian beanie hat, like this one: =>


Tia Dalma







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