Rastafari clothing

Bunna dress:

Robes and capes:

Casual shirts and t shirts:

As you can see Rasta men like to wear plain clothes like these t shirts and shirts which have printed designs of the Rastafarian flag colours etc. The shirts inspired me to design similar shirts with a longer length and a symbol that has a meaning to Rastafarians.

Some Rastafarians wear long, dress-like African-style outfits to symbolize the African roots of their tradition.

Hats are worn to hold up dreadlocks. I think when Rastas wear these hats it brings out their religon more than having their hair out. I say this because they wear hats for a religous reason,for example protecting/covering the hair like muslims. Some people may think wearing these hats because rastas are lazy to fix their hair etc, but that it not how it is for them.






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