Saatchi Gallery


Visiting on of my favorite galleries,the ‘Saatchi gallery’ gave me loads of inspiration and motivation. I was amazed by the unique portraits/paintings and art work related to my FMP. Here are some of the art displays which I found interesting and enjoyed looking and reading about:

20160122_163925414_iOS 20160122_163831317_iOS

These paintings were very inspirational. It was a painting of a kind of graffiti where the artist wrote her height,waist size,age etc. These paintings reminded me of the Rastafarian movement because people like to judge before knowing the truth, but Rastas show they do not care about what people think, they embrace and love their culture. Which is shown in these paintings, as the artist paints away the truth about herself.

20160122_163934444_iOS 20160122_163625601_iOS 20160122_163621466_iOS 20160122_163618564_iOS


Lion Man

20160122_165457256_iOS 20160122_165520403_iOS 20160122_165534610_iOS 20160122_165546617_iOS 20160122_165540881_iOS

This sculpture was obviously my favorite. As soon as I saw this I automatically had to take loads of pictures and research more about it. This sculpture is a “lion man” which reminded me of a Rasta. The lion head reminded me of extra long dreadlocks wrapped up in a bun. The sculpture was made out of clay,wire and steel. Stephanie Quayle shows the correspondence to lion and man. She creates this sculpture with a vivid imagination in her head, clearly forming a strong,powerful and masculine figure, using strong and firm materials. I like how the figure is on its knees as if it is praying. Overall I think this is a very strong sculpture and I am impressed by the hard work Quayle has put in.

“I want the fastest most direct, most subconscious way to work, vigorous and direct, the clay becomes inhabited. As old as mankind and coming directly from the ground, the clay seems to retain its primitive sense of earth, soil, mud and connection to the land.” Rendered at life scale, their presence in the gallery space is muscular and impressive, reanimating a sense of shared connection between living matter, an extra lingual sensation that has been lost in the progressive severing of the link between ourselves and nature rendered through technological process and the prevalence of the urban environment” © Natasha Hoare, 2015. 

Stephanie Quayle has also made this sculpture of cows:


The next paintings were these very cultural looking paintings of women in villages of africa.

20160122_170327894_iOS 20160122_170351407_iOS

The main reason I loved these paintings was that artist has pencil first and then covered it with paint. As you look closely you can see the sticky texture on it which gave it a powerful presentation and effect to the whole theme. I also loved the fact it was an african culture which relates to my FMP. I was inspirited to look at more african culture paintings:

Alexander, W.:African Village

Martin Bulinya

Chidi Okoye

Other images taken at the Saatchi gallery:

20160122_164826522_iOS 20160122_164818217_iOS 20160122_164904376_iOS 20160122_165240992_iOS 20160122_171344762_iOS 20160122_171352067_iOS


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