Tate Britain exhibition

John Singleton: The Death of Major Peirson, 6 January 1781

20151114_144453495_iOS 20151114_144443380_iOS20151114_144631283_iOS

These first portrait I found was very interesting and powerful. This portrait celebrates the British defence of Jersey against French invasion in 1781 and also pays tribute to a young Major, Francis Peirson, who lost his life in the process. This portrait reminded me of when Ethiopia were defending their country from colonisation. I admire the loyalty to a culture and I believe this image shows that. In a fashion sense, the soldiers uniform had reminded me of Haile Salassie. The tight fitted long blazers/jackets with broad shoulders and the colour gold which I would like to experiment with for my FMP.


I found the hat and oversized jacket inspiring in this portrait. The colours also caught my eye as it has green and red like the Rastafarian flag. An oversized jacket or blazer is in trend today so having looked at an image from history with a similar garment is very inspiring.

20151114_154131153_iOS 20151114_154137161_iOS

As I looked at this I automaticaly thought of the hats that Rastafarians wear. I like the shape of this object, and also the suade material it is made out of.

Paula Rego: Nanny, Small Bears and Bogeyman 1982

20151114_154156456_iOS 20151114_154204066_iOS

This art work recalls memories of the artist’s childhood in Portugal, with animals taking on human characteristics. This portrait is telling the audience a story with bright colours and sharp bold paint brush lines. Paula Rego was told a story by a friend, relating a scary childhood reminiscence in which his nanny’s boyfriend threatens to cut out his tongue. Rego says “the one who is most wicked is not the bogeyman but the nanny who has strapped him up. She is so possessive and horribly evil that while I was painting the front bear another little bear appeared behind it.” What caught my eye was the whole painting from the big bear carrying a knife, the powerful colours and the small bear in the background. I have been inspired to draw a painting of Rastafarians using thick paint brushes, bright colours and telling a story of the history to the movement.


20151114_154424116_iOS 20151114_154436022_iOS 20151114_154509274_iOS

This image was a inspiration to me personally because it shows how my thought look like. Having so much words and thoughts can be easy to see and hard to see. Reffering to this artwork, As you can see the first few sentences but then gets smaller then fades and muddles up. This has inspired me to bulletpoint the importance of the Rastafarian movement, and make a collage inspired by this.


20151114_154936817_iOS 20151114_154940152_iOS

The last insprational artwork I saw was this powerful presentation, again telling a story to the audience. As you can it looks like someone has been through alot, by looking at the mess/dirt, the alcohol and cigarettes. Although this is showing a negetive vibe, anyone who looks at this will stereotype the person and their day to day life. Which is what rememinded of a Rastafarian. Some and most people will judge and say that all they do is smoke weed, have dreadlocks and are from Jamaica..but that is not the case. This presentation has given me a feeling of what Rastas deal with in their religous movement.


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