Victoria and Albert Museum

20150817_163323937_iOS‘What is Luxury? interrogated how luxury is made and understood. Luxury has a long history of controversy. More recently, the increase in prominence and growth of luxury brands against the backdrop of social inequality has raised new questions about what the term means to people today. Changes in culture and communication have also stimulated interest in less tangible forms of luxury, such as the desire for space and time.’

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Carol is an Austrian designer who lives in Milan. He has been trained on womenswear and menswear tailoring and studied Fashion design at the Domus Academy in Milan. In 1995 he presented his first Men’s collection and 3 year after created a women’s collection. His collections consist of extravagant and complex uses of different materials and technology. A similar designer to Carol would be Kanye West.


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What caught my eye on this piece was the detailing of lions on the side of the seat. By looking at this you can automatically tell that it was used for a special occassion or person.

This was the first exhibition I visited before I knew what my theme was. I always had the Rastafarian movement in mind but wasnt sure if I was going to go ahead with it. By visiting this exhibition, it gave me inspiration for my rastafarian theme as most of the pieces were related to it, such as the menswear garments(which I was thinking of making my whole collection of menswear) and also the colours and history which were similar to the rastafarian movement. After looking through the exhibition I was inspired to go to more museums and explore with my ideas.


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