Dreadlocked jacket

20160317_181148355_iOS 20160317_181250599_iOS 20160317_181304706_iOS 20160317_181408242_iOS 20160317_181441660_iOS 20160317_181500468_iOS 20160317_181504370_iOS

For this jacket I used the mens shirt pattern block and added my own triangle shaped sleeves. I also added width on the sleeves and shoulders, while sewing this I realised the sleeves were not fitting properly, so I changed the patterns a little.

20160524_205253442_iOS 20160524_205308490_iOS

My favourite part of this toile was adding the dreadlocks to the back. I decided to use hair glue because it stuck very well and also did not show any visible glue marks. I also tried different glues such as a glue gun, invisible glue, glass glue, normal glue.

Final garment:

20160525_120854727_iOS 20160525_121001064_iOS 20160525_121007334_iOS 20160525_121329328_iOS 20160525_121336632_iOS 20160525_121351483_iOS

I am very proud of the finished garment, it turned out my favourite in the collection


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