Jacket toile


I started of with the basic mens shirt block because I wanted to start off from a simple structure and re arrange some areas such as the arm holes and neckline.

First I traced the pattern onto calico and when cutting, I added a couple of centre metres more to make it larger and added length.

20160119_145030750_iOS 20160119_150103800_iOS  20160119_163711726_iOS 20160119_165306801_iOS 20160119_180241119_iOS 20160119_180246722_iOS

When I was happy with the measurements and fitting, I then added sleeves and cut out where I wanted the ribbing to go and also a hood and halter neck in the rib fabric.

20160212_150844648_iOS 20160217_192850050_iOS 20160229_181817621_iOS 20160229_181902054_iOS 20160229_182200988_iOS 20160301_165807310_iOS 20160301_165835598_iOS 20160301_165841935_iOS 20160301_165859645_iOS 20160301_170544835_iOS 20160301_170605080_iOS 20160301_170803000_iOS

There were a couple of mistakes and technical difficulties such as the ribbing material used was too stretchy so it did not work well with the pattern shape and the calico. It did not sit well on the shoulders, so I decided to take in the shoulder seam to lift up the fabrc more. This created a crease in the arm hole seam.

20160523_183040819_iOS 20160523_183056361_iOS

I added ribbing on the sleeves to test and view what it would look like and also see how id sew it together on the real fabric.


Quilted Faux Leather Fabric Red By The Yard

Quilted fabric/something thick,bright and long lasting.

Final fabric:

20160526_154231898_iOS 20160526_154242837_iOS 20160526_174116770_iOS 20160527_184119000_iOS

During the process of making my jacket I thought it would have been a nightmare sewing it up because of the fabric layers (wodding inside and lining). However I handled it very well, with no help which I am proud of. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had other things to do so I decided to take the jacket to a manufacturer, which turned out very bad. They ruined the jacket(zip) because they did not line it up correctly. This was a BIG lesson for me, I was very disappointed,angry and upset by this. I will definitely fix this after my hand in to get a photoshoot done.

20160531_105836410_iOS: error on zip.



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