Customer target

My customer market is based on males in the music,art and fashion industry. I have a vision of who Id like to see wearing my collection. I have chosen males who are Musicians, Designers, Artists, Singers, Young Actors, Reality show ,Comedians, Dancers (all of the examples below are people I admire and get inspiration/motivation from.) The age target is from -20-25, As my collection will be aimed at a young outgoing  group. Many young males like/prefer to wear comfortable clothes such as tracksuits, sweatshirts and jumpers. To get the best feedback from my customer targets, I will focus on their style and what they wear daily/evenings. I will also look at what kind of brands they like to wear, using the brands as a competition. The benefits of my designs will consider good quality materials,uniqueness and simplicity/minimal designs.

Musicians/ rapper examples :


Krept and Konan

Mo Stacks

J Hus

JME and Skepta




& More.

Dancers and Model examples:

Romario chevoy

Joey James



& More

Actors/TV stars:

Made in Chelsea


Duayne Bowa

Parry Glasspool

Nathan Hector


Comedian examples:

Mikes Comedy


Big Tipper

R.S mr Roll Safe

Dont Jealous Me

Tommy expensive










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