Cpc Research

For my toile research I started by researching creative pattern techniques and examples. I found many interesting videos and images which has inspired me for my designs and material, also my structure I would like to use for my toile.

I found amazing creative pattern cutting toilet from students from Central Saint Martins.

Innovative Pattern CuttingInnovative Pattern CuttingInnovative Pattern CuttingInnovative Pattern Cutting

Subtracting cutting: This is a name Julian Roberts came up with. He feels this is the correct name for creative pattern cutting because we subtract fabric not add it. Julian Roberts is a Fashion Designer who has taught subtracting cutting masterclasses in many countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, USA, Russia,Nigeria and more. http://www.julianand.com/

I like that Julian has an open mind about pattern cutting. By this I mean he does not over think about it(he doesn’t think it needs to be a neat process), he goes straight from fabric to the mannequin and then creates designs on designs and then finishes with a unique and very creative design.




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