E-Portfolio ideas

For my E-portfolio, I will be using an app called ‘Muse’ to create my own online website: promoting my work (portfolio) and contact details. The Muse app is an app where you can create from scratch and handle your own website. I have used the app in second year and personally found it really easy to use and with the help of Silvia to show me a couple of things. I decided to use it again to not only have a website for my project but for after uni, to promote myself and my work professionally. I will also be creating my online portfolio on Arts Thread: http://www.artsthread.com/profile/daniielleelias/

I decided to create a portfolio on arts thread because I found it was the easiest site to use and very quick. I like the layout of portfolio (a digital slide show). I also like that you can browse for other people and like and comment on their profile. This feature is good to get in contact with people you would like to collab with, and the profile has a ‘message’ section too o you can speak to them privately or leave a comment on their profile. Everyone has their university logo on their profile which is good for undergraduates to see what kind of work students are producing at that uni. Other features on the site that I like is the competitions,events,jobs and blog pages. The whole site has many opportunities for students and graduates which is exciting to see.

Home page inspiration: I like websites which have a slideslow on the home screen, to give the viewers a preview of what the website will present/offer.

Portfolio inspo:

My website layout ideas:

~(Click images to see larger)




20160529_140940000_iOS 20160529_141010000_iOS 20160529_141040000_iOS 20160529_141117000_iOS


20160529_141210000_iOS 20160529_141248000_iOS 20160529_141310000_iOS 20160529_141324000_iOS

Here are process screen shots of my website :

These are screen shots of my process: finding fonts, background creation,features and layout process.


2016-05-29 (4) 2016-05-29 (2) 2016-05-29 (5)


2016-05-29 (6) 2016-05-29 (7) 2016-05-29 (8) 2016-05-29 (9) 2016-05-29 (10) 2016-05-29 (11)

Ufortunately, I havent had enough time to buy a URL name for my website to be put live on the internet, I did not know how and also havent gotten any help doing so. I will be using this website for after I graduate but as for now, I will be using arts thread to present certain portfolio pieces,my best work and see what feedback I receive.


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