First I looked at royal uniform. My final inspiration came from Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia. I then found out where some of his suits were tailored, which was by Henry Poole & Co.

This project was all about translating the ideas and inspiration that I had into creative pattern cutting. So for my design development, I took structural designs from Haile Selassie’s garments and decided to play around with pleats and modern tailoring.

Haile Selassie Inspo:

Inspirational images

I wanted to show shape and mostly movement to represent the Rastafarian ‘movement’. In my designs you can see that I have thought about different areas to have pleats.

more inspo from womenswear:

#shirt #details : Sculptural Fashion with soft folds & exaggerated shape; innovative fashion // Anja Dragan: Box Pleat jacket back detail with curved hemline - fabric manipulation; creative garment construction; sewing techniques // Titania Inglis: Innovative Pattern Cutting - black jacket with overlapping curved panels; creative sewing; fashion detail // Amaya Arzuaga F/W 2015: .: #DZHUS Autumn Winter 2015 #FashionCollection @Dezeen: Origami Shirt with graphic folds; fabric manipulation; innovative textiles; geometric fashion detail // Georgia Hardinge:



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