Joe Fletcher Orr

Cactus photo for website

Joe Fletcher runs an arts space called Cactus contemporary Art Space which is in Liverpool.

Joe has visited many galleries in his life time, from a young age his dad would take him. Joe was interested in how much money is spent to build a succesful gallery and the process. He was living in Liverpool and realised there wernt many galleries around which had mid-career artists. He wanted to open the arts space after he finished his MA in Manchester, so he did. Joe graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. He was apart of The Royal Standard as a studio holder, and presented his team with his idea to open a  space whitin the building and they agreed.


Joe worked on a project he were he stood up against the wall and got someone to spray tan him leaving the outline of his body on the wall. He called this project ‘Streaker’. Another project he produced was ‘the game’ where he was on a show called Small Romecurated by Adam Carr. He got a football signed by all of the artists in the show, to have his work more valued. Recent shows at The Cactus Gallery include Jack Brindley, Original Copy; Charlie Godet Thomas, In Comes the Good Air…; Candice Jacobs: EXHALE; Alex Rathbone and many more which sound very interesting.



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