Paddy Molly

Paddy Molly is an interaction designer and creative technologist based in london. He completed his BA in Industrial Design in Milan and then his MA,in Interaction Design.

I have researched some of Paddy’s work/projects(some from the talk) of his interests in technology and coding, and my interests in his work. The first project is ‘lifetime‘ which is an interactive cellular clock through the internet involving shapes to represent seconds,minutes and hours.

Clicking anywhere on the screen will make the cells react into a grid of the actual time. When a hour or minute increases, smaller elements join together,creating a new cell. When you point the mouse next to one, it moves away fast, as it is supposed to create a fright.

Primo, is another interactive programme,aimed to children. This was the main project for Matteo. This project began with using Kickstarter £56,000 was raised during one month. It is a physical logo turtle toy which comes with three parts(a wooden car, board and instructions). The instructions are shaped arrows which should be placed into the board for the car to go in the right direction and avoid any restrictions.

Travel bag is a information collector which collects information about european destinations and works by using physical actuators, such as motors and fans. Once you place the travel bag on your chosen city, I will automatically tell you the price for flights and the weather.

Matteo presented his app called Smokeless which helps and provides support for smokers to quit. The app can track every cigarette smoked (with ur lighter)and automatically stores the data on the app. The app is provided with a cute pet which I think is fun and interesting for the smoker, it makes it seem like they have a responsibility for the pets health. The app can also be shared with a fellow smoker.

My favorite part of this talk was the work ethic that Matteo has. He seems very motivated and has a very creative mind. From listening to this presentation, made me want to do research as I did, and found some great videos and images which he presented to us .


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