Presentation research


In this first video, the speaker starts of by asking questions to the audience, telling them to raise their hand. Starting a presentation like this will draw in the audience and will get their attention to listen to the speech. Another skill I liked was that the speaker used a drawing board to draw diagrams etc, and again asks/speaks to the audience. He involves the crowd instead of just speaking on his topic.



The speaker in this presentation, spoke with confidence and enthusiasm. She spoke clear and loud so that everyone could understand and hear her as she did not have a mic. I like how she involved the audience by getting them to interact with one another. This gave me an idea to give my audience a task or play a quick and easy game, which may take away nervousness and make me and everyone else feel comfortable.

My speech draft:

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So I decied to first show my inspirational designers websites and explain what I liked about them. I then decided to show logo ideas then say what I have used to create my e-portfolio. After I wanted to show the process of my e-portfolio or screen shots of my finished e-portfolio and explain my reason for my design etc.


I think I done well but I have some things to work on. Such as : speaking to the audience better, looking at them in the eye making sure they are focused on my presentation. And to also see if they were interested. I also thought I could have used more time to explain my presentation, I think I used less than 4minutes. Overall I am proud of my presentation and how it turnt out, I did not make any mistakes or tumble on my words. I spoke loud and clear and the audience gave me a good responsive clap at the end which was nice.




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