Reflective summary

Present and Promote

Creative Pattern Cutting: CPC was a fun project which I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed it the most because I got to challenge my sewing skills and I got to bring out my creativity skills more. I am prove with what I have achieved during and after this project. I will always look back on my achievements to inspire my technical creativity designs.

Diffusion: This project was a great opportunity for myself to development designs for the future. I am glad that we done this project because I have gained much to potentially start my own clothing line. I gained a lot of inspiration from Fashion East designers. Researching their achievements and where they are now, is a huge inspiration for me, as I am trying to achieve the same.

Final Major Project

 My final major project was a exciting and stressful process. I had great plans and goals to achieve. Plans to use the 3 Rastafarian colours throughout my garments and a plan to do a photoshoot for my collection, using young or older males with dreadlocks. My goals were to produce a collection related to the movement and reasonable for my target market,which is males/young and older from ages 20 and above.

During the process of my collection I think I handled it good because I stayed focused and motivated. However at some point I did get a little frustrated, for example sewing difficulties which was my weakness of the whole process. Another weakness was the sketchbook. Usually I am focused too much on my sketchbook and fall behind on sewing/manufacture. But this year I decided to work more on my sewing skills which I believe iv improved. Although I improved on that, I did not get enough time to fit a lot of things which I wanted in my sketchbook. This was a good experience for me and I remember in the future to plan my time for each task fairly and not focus on one task more than the other. There are many things which went wrong with sewing up my collection which I plan to fix after the marking process,in time for my own photoshoot.

Overall, I am happy with how my collection looks and so proud that I have done it all by myself and very useful help from my tutor Janet Emmanuel. I plan to carry on making and designing menswear and maybe keep my target at Rastafarians. I also already have orders coming in, especially for my CPC garment which is amazing. I am ready for whats next in my future, I have many goals and opportunities ready to proceed and achieve.


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