Self Promotion Ideas

I researched how to self promote and found some helpful information. I thought of a couple of ideas and drew a spider diagram to expand my ideas further.





Another sharp and innovative leave behind:

A good way for self promotion is to draw the viewers in. Either using a joke or fact etc. It is important to show that you are different from others and I have realised that from my research. And also to show my creativity.

Self promotion idea. Check out this cartoon-inspired promotional packaging for Studio Garbeo. Designed by Fátima de Juan, a cardboard box, screen printed with an illustrated hand, houses a pair of tote bags, notebooks, stickers, tags, and a t-shirt color coordinated in yellow. Very Cool.:


Self promotion idea. Nice little promo kit to send out.:

Self promotion idea. Another great example of a memorable "leave behind".:   Self promotion idea. Another great idea - don't you just want to think of three people to mail this to and see the expression when they get it?:


(Click image)




7 Self-Promotion Resources for Designers


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