music design inspiration

REGGAE (EARLY REGGAE,ROOTS REGGAE) DUB SKA RAGGAMUFFIN REGGAETON ROCKERS/LOVERS ROCK CHANTING/DRUMMING RHYTHMS CHANTING: slow/fast rhythms repetitive instruments (drums,tangerines, maracas,chajchas, ball shaker,                REGGAE: Rhythms Slow Passion/moods(happy, sad, personal experiences) Base Worldwide Influences/ Inspiration Peaceful Vocals Use of instruments e.g flute and drum Slow dance movement /on beat/head movements Advertisements

Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook is a British graphic designer, film maker and typographer, born in 1966. He attended Saint Martin’s School of Art and at the Royal College of Art. Born in Luton. Barnbrook was inspired to proceed graphic design from designing album covers for David Bowie and others such as John Foxx and Tuxedomoon. Work: Jonathan’s… Read More Jonathan Barnbrook

William Hendry

19.1.16 William Hendry is a Central Saint Martins graduate(BA and MA in womenswear). William colloborated with fashion brand WEEKDAY after he finished his MA and designed 2 lines, womenswear and menswear.William created a simple and clean collection, focusing on presentation, style and fabrication. He had gotten his inspiration from Aldous Huxley’s (1932) futuristic novel… Read More William Hendry

Paddy Molly

Paddy Molly is an interaction designer and creative technologist based in london. He completed his BA in Industrial Design in Milan and then his MA,in Interaction Design. I have researched some of Paddy’s work/projects(some from the talk) of his interests in technology and coding, and my interests in his work. The first project is ‘lifetime‘… Read More Paddy Molly

Alva Wilson

25/1/16 Alva Wilson is a hat designer for men and women and has been making, designing and teaching for 25 years. Alva has been to arts school and has had many good and bad experiences in the fashion industry. In this talk he spoke about his love for designing hats,clothes and textiles. Alva had a… Read More Alva Wilson

Cpc Research

For my toile research I started by researching creative pattern techniques and examples. I found many interesting videos and images which has inspired me for my designs and material, also my structure I would like to use for my toile. I found amazing creative pattern cutting toilet from students from Central Saint Martins. Subtracting cutting:… Read More Cpc Research