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REGGAE (EARLY REGGAE,ROOTS REGGAE) DUB SKA RAGGAMUFFIN REGGAETON ROCKERS/LOVERS ROCK CHANTING/DRUMMING RHYTHMS CHANTING: slow/fast rhythms repetitive instruments (drums,tangerines, maracas,chajchas, ball shaker,                REGGAE: Rhythms Slow Passion/moods(happy, sad, personal experiences) Base Worldwide Influences/ Inspiration Peaceful Vocals Use of instruments e.g flute and drum Slow dance movement /on beat/head movements Advertisements


This group believes in “love to all human beings”, and do not believe in violence, because they believe that only Jah has the right to destroy! They specialise in drumming and chants. The rhythms are influenced by popular ska, rocksteady and reggae music. ^^ Nyabinghi, named after Queen Nyabinghi, a traditional African goddess. The term… Read More Nyabinghi